What is an Asphalt Overlay?

Over time, surfaces paved with asphalt will begin to deteriorate.  This deterioration can cause the base to become exposed and result in potholes and/or drainage issues in your parking lot.  An asphalt overlay is, quite simply, the paving over of an existing layer of asphalt with a new layer of asphalt.  The thickness of the new layer can vary depending on the use of the parking lot.  Usually a thickness of 1” to 1.5” is more than enough to accommodate everyday traffic.  If there are just a few potholes, they can be saw cut and patched with new asphalt before the new layer is installed.  An asphalt overlay will also help in the drainage of your parking lot, but because the new asphalt is installed on the existing surface, 100% of drainage and puddling issues may not be solved.  An asphalt overlay will not last as long as a newly paved parking lot, but with new striping and pavement markings, will provide a “like new” finish.  An asphalt overlay will also buy some time when it comes to budgetary concerns related to milling and repaving or a newly constructed parking lot.

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